The uniform is an important feature of our school as students are the representatives of RIS’ high expectations and standards. Our students’ appearance reflects the respect for the education offered, the school community and also the respect they have for themselves.

Our uniform policy reflects the high standard that we aim to maintain and every student is required to wear a school uniform.

The RIS uniform can be purchased at Zaks, Al Raha Mall. Click here for the online order option.

ZAKS store

Opening hours are Saturday to Thursday
10am to 7.30pm
T +971 (0)2 556 5340
View the location map here.

View the uniform list here. All uniforms items should be clearly labeled with your child's/ren's name.

School Uniform Policy
The school uniform is to be worn during each school day unless special activity days are announced. Children are expected to wear the uniform to and from school. We encourage our students to take pride in their uniforms as a reflection of their pride in the school. Clothes worn underneath the shirts must be plain white or natural-coloured.

All uniform clothing must be purchased from ZAKS clothing shop. There will be no exceptions to this rule. Students should be well groomed, with a neat appearance and a well maintained school uniform.

Shirts and Trousers

• Trousers for MYP students are green, Diploma students are black.
• Uniform shirts are to be worn at all times, even under jumpers, sweaters and sweatshirts.
• Buttons on shirts: All buttons need to be done up appropriately.
• White button down shirts (straight edged hems can be left untucked, curved hems must be tucked in).
• Shoes need to be plain, solid black. They must be shoes, not sandals and should be closed toe.
• Socks must be solid black, white or navy blue.
• Jumpers, sweaters and sweatshirts should be purchased from ZAKS clothing store or the parent team.
• Undergarments should not be visible.

Hair/Headwear and Jewellery

• Hair should be neat, of natural colour and not of a distracting nature to the student or others. Long hair (past shoulder length) on all students must be tied back off the face.
• Hair accessories must be dark green, white, navy or black.
• Jewellery should be minimal and plain (no dangling earrings).
• Items such as shaylas, belts and hair clips should be plain and compliment the uniform colours (black, green, white or navy).
• Headwear must be removed inside the buildings, excluding shaylas.
• Make-up (MYP/DP only), can only be mascara and clear lip gloss. No eyeliner.

Swimming Gear

• Girls’ swimsuits must be one-piece only.
• Swim-shorts with a waist drawstring for boys.
• Swim caps are an expectation for all students with long hair.
• School issue swimsuits are not compulsory but are available from ZAKS clothing store.
• Students who wear inappropriate uniform to school will be required to change into appropriate clothes from lost and found stock.

If you have any questions regarding the uniform items, please feel free to contact our Admissions Team.