Our Mission & Aims

Our Mission
Raha International School

• Empowers and equips individuals to excel
• Provides a safe, happy and caring community
• Inspires thoughtful action, locally and globally
• Creates a passion for learning

…and, in so doing, transcends the ordinary

Our Vision

To be the preferred school for students, parents and educators who seek excellence through an innovative International Baccalaureate education.

RIS Values
Some of our core values at RIS are:

• Respect
• Honesty
• Justice
• Sincerity
• Trust
• Integrity

The RIS community is made up of people of diverse beliefs and backgrounds. Independently and collectively, members of our community recognise and respect the inherent dignity of each individual. We recognise that we all share the responsibility for creating a safe, nurturing and encouraging environment. We recognise and celebrate our strengths and, at the same time, we help others to overcome tasks they find challenging.

Our Aims

At Raha International School we will:
• Identify, celebrate and nurture the diverse talents and intelligences of all our students.
• Engage staff who is expert managers of learning and able to promote excellence in academic, creative, social, spiritual, physical and emotional development.
• Teach students to learn by questioning, problem-solving and creative, critical thinking rather than by the mere retention of facts.
• Enthuse, motivate and inspire students with our innovative approaches and high expectations.
• Enable our students to achieve beyond their previous limits and expectations.
• Encourage our students to be active participants in the learning process and to become independent, co-operative learners.
• Welcome parents as equal partners in their children’s education.
• Enrich students’ learning by making effective use of the abundant resources and linguistic opportunities in Abu Dhabi and the surrounding region.
• Nurture in our students a sense of personal accomplishment, self-confidence and an enduring appreciation for learning.
• Make a significant contribution to the success of the UAE’s 2021 Vision of having a First Rate Education system.


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