Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Which curriculum is taught?
At Raha International School (RIS), a Taaleem school, we are teaching The International Baccelaureate (IB).
Where is the school located?

We are located in the suburb of Khalifa City ‘A’ only minutes from the centre of Abu Dhabi and are conveniently located close to many prestigious housing developments such as Al Raha Gardens, Al Muneera, Al Raha Beach, Al Bandar and Al Zeina.

When can we arrange to see the school?

We conduct regular tours at 9am on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesday, which are normally walking tours that typically last around 60 minutes. These tours have limited spaces so bookings are highly advisable. Please make an appointment by calling Admissions on +971 (0)2 556 1567 ext. 125 or by emailing

How many students study at RIS and what are their nationalities?

We currently have over 2,000 students comprising over 80 nationalities speaking 45 mother tongues.

Where are the teachers from?

The nationalities of our teaching staff are almost as varied as our students, with teachers coming from the United Kingdom, United States of America, Canada, South Africa, Ireland, Australia and UAE, as well as many more.

What are the school hours?

EY1                              7.45am to 1pm

EY2                              7.45am to 2pm

Grade 1 to 5              7.45am to 2.50pm

Grade 6 to 12            7.45am to 2.55pm

On a Tuesday the school day ends at 1pm for all students.

How many children are in each class?

EY1 and EY2 there are 24 maximum per class

G1 to G10 there are a maximum of 26 per class. In Grade 11 and 12 it depends on the subjects chosen.

How does the school communicate with parents?

We have chosen to operate two very effective communication systems, the 6Delta School Communicator and Managebac. Both are updated on a daily basis and can be downloaded onto your personal computer, tablet or smart phone. We also regularly update the official school Facebook page with photographs and events happening in and around the school community.

Do students wear a school uniform?

Yes, RIS has a strict uniform policy for all students. Uniform can be purchased from Zaks store on the third floor of the Al Raha Mall close to the school. Our parent team also run a second hand uniform store, which opens weekly on a Tuesday where quality used uniform can be purchased.

Is transport available to and from school?

A door-to-door bus service is available to and from many areas of Abu Dhabi. This transport service incurs an additional charge of AED5,000 per academic year and is offered by an external provider.

Which languages are taught?

The overall language of instruction is English. All students are taught Arabic from EY1. From Grade 6, French and Spanish are added into the curriculum and from Grade 11 Ab Initio (beginners) Spanish is also available.

Is additional support available for children whose first language is not English?

We offer an ‘English as an Additional Language’ (EAL) programme. This programme is offered to students who emigrate from different countries, have English as their second or third language or have varying levels of English. Once a student reaches a ‘high-intermediate’ level they can exit the programme. Their progress is continually monitored thereafter. The EAL programme incurs an additional charge.

Do you segregate students in Secondary School?

Only PE and swimming classes for Grade 6 and above. 

Are you a nut-free school?


Are there opportunities to become involved as a parent volunteer at school?

Our Parent Team at Raha is a very active and valuable member of our school. Throughout the academic year, a very proactive group of parents organize and run a variety of events including coffee mornings, fun days, bazaars and socials to bring together the parents, teachers and students of our community.

How do we apply to Raha International School?

Please complete our online application form.

When can we arrange to see the school?

We conduct regular tours during the week, which are normally walking tours that typically last around 60 minutes. These tours have limited spaces so bookings are highly advisable. Please make an appointment by calling Admissions on +971 (0)2 556 1567 ext. 130 or by emailing

School Transport

Are all ages allowed to ride the bus?
Yes. all students from EY1 up to Grade 12.
Will I be able to contact the bus driver and/or bus nanny?
Parents will be provided with the telephone number of both the Nanny/Supervisor and driver. The Nanny/Supervisor should be contacted in the first instance. The Driver should be contacted only for emergency purposes. Drivers are not available by phone whilst driving.
Will it be possible for my child to have a different pick up in the morning and drop of in the afternoon or vice versa?

No, as pick up and drop off have to be from the same location.

Will I be able to make changes on a day-to-day basis if I need to pick up my student early or want them to attend Extended Day?

This is not possible as the bus will leave school at the same scheduled time every day. Note: buses are provided to and from sports fixtures and for some Extra-curricular Activities.

What if the school schedules early release days?

The school will liaise with the bus company to accommodate changes in timings as officially requested by the school.

What about Professional and Parent Conference Days?

Bus transport will not be available during all-school Professional Days, however if the Secondary school has a regular school day and the Primary school is closed for students due to Professional Days or Parent-Teacher Conference, the regular bus transport for Secondary students will be available and vice versa.

What about bad weather days such as sandstorms?

Parents will be informed by 6Delta School Communicator by the school if delayed, early release or cancelled school days apply.

When is payment due?

Bus transport payment is due in three instalments – 1st August, 1st December and 1st March.

Is there a discount for siblings?

There is no sibling’s discount for the school bus transport services.

Will there be a refund if I need to cancel the school transport services?

In such cases the school fee refund policy applies.