RIS Parent Team

Welcome to the RIS Parent Team.

What is our aim?

· To foster communication and cooperation between Raha International School, students and parents.

· To build a sense of community for the benefit of the school, the students and the wider community by organizing defined events.

· To serve as an umbrella organization for the parent support activities, working in close cooperation with the appropriate members of the school administration, faculty and staff.

· To welcome parents to RIS and build awareness of activities and opportunities for their involvement.

Our Activities

· We organise and host regular events like social coffees, special interest talks, class and grade parent activities, secondhand uniform shop, welcome to new families, lost property and help with school activities like sports days.

· We organise annual family events like a treasure hunt for the younger students, International Day Global Village market as well as an annual recycling market. There is also the Teacher & Staff appreciation day towards the end of the academic year.

Who are we?
The Parent Team is a committee of volunteer parents, regulated by a constitution which defines the scope of events and activities undertaken. The committee meets monthly to plan and manage all activities, while sub-committees meet more regularly to plan and organise specific events. We always welcome and encourage more parents to become involved.

Contact us
All Parent Team activities are advertised on the 6Delta School Communicator.
Look out for communications from your Class Parent (in EY and PYP) or Grade Parent representative (in MYP and DP).
You can also contact our Chairperson, Cora Nieberding, on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have any questions.

Raha Parent Team Activities

· Major Annual Events
Annual Family Activity: a fun event for the whole family, e.g. Pirate Treasure Hunt.
Holiday Bazaar: a fun event for the Holiday Season.
Global Village on International Day: an opportunity for each country group to showcase their finest attractions, cultural attributes, famous landmarks, sports and provide traditional food/product samples.
Teacher and Staff Appreciation Lunch: RIS families contribute to a wonderful buffet style luncheon to show our appreciation to all the teachers and staff.

· On-going Activities throughout the Year

Class Parents provide support to the teachers and act as a link between the Parent Team and the rest of the parent body.
Our Second-hand Uniform Shop is open every Tuesday from 12.30pm to 1pm on the first floor of the Administration building.
Arabic B classes to help moms with their children's homework. Arabic speaking classes are also offered on occasion. Please look on 6Delta for info.
English conversation classes for parents. Please check 6Delta (school communicator) for info.
Welcome to new families - we provide support to new families joining the school in any grade and at any time throughout the year.
Lost property - we organize, sort and tag to simplify the finding of your lost items.

We also help with school events like National Day, Open Day and various sports events throughout the year.