Student Life

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Sports Competitions
The Athletic Director at RIS organises a wide variety of teams and is responsible for scheduling tryouts, practices and fixtures. In previous years, RIS students participated in over 130 competitions with other schools. The coaches for school teams are generally recruited from the teaching staff but we also encourage parents and senior students with expertise or interest to get involved.

Football and rugby are both very popular with students. To support development in the latter, student representatives have taken part in workshops offered by both Manchester City and Manchester United football clubs.

In rugby, our teams have received support through our association with the Etihad Harlequin’s Rugby Training Programme. In addition to these special associations the Athletics Director organises excursions to major sporting events such as a trip to Dubai for the FINA World Swimming Championships and also our annual participation in support of the Abu Dhabi Golf Championship that is part of the European Tour.

Student Council

The student council in the primary and secondary school meet regularly to discuss ways to improve student life in the school, via fun activities and by promoting student involvement. Although a staff representative is normally present at student council meetings, the meetings are generally run and managed by the students.

For Grade 9 to 12 students who are interested in getting involved with the planning and running of social events for students on campus, the Student Council also takes great pride in participating in raising awareness and financial support for a series of local and global charities. In the past, the Student Council has been responsible for organizing events such as Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Money for Natural Disaster Relief through the UAE’s Red Crescent, as well as social events such as Student Friendship Grams, Teacher Appreciation Week, and School Spirit Week. The Student Council is a great way to develop leadership, organizational and collaboration skills, while also fostering a sense of international mindedness.

Student Excursions
Excursions and trips to institutions, local attractions, museums or even abroad are an integral part of student life at RIS. All trips are carefully planned ahead and parents are well informed about the itinerary and possible costs attached to the trip.

Some examples of recent excursions include: Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital; Saadiyat Beach/Park Hyatt Marine Biologist; Sheikh Zayed Mosque; Abu Dhabi Heritage Village; Dubai Aluminium; Children’s International Film Festival; Grade 11 CAS Trip to Cambodia.

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